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  • Hot Sale Model World Wide - Walking With Dinosaur Costume 
    A person in a puppet-like custome that looked like an actual dinosaur walking around. The mouth & eyes moved and everything! It really looked real! In this shot the dinosaur is looking directly at the visitors. Ever notice clients will be shocked by the real like movements and sound speak out by the dinosaur.

    Very Famous Dinosaurs Exhibition Show At Valencia - Spain 2012. Over 4000visitors been to this exhibition every day.  

    The Umbracle hosts the largest exhibition of robotic dinosaurs in Europe. The exhibition, which occupies 3,000 square feet, offers a fascinating journey into the past allowing you to know spectacular dinosaurs of Jurassic and Cretaceous replicas of up to 27 meters long. 

    We have became one of the biggest exporters of Animatronic Products in this world. 

    Robotic Dinosaurs 
    Animatronic Dinosaurs in different countries including UK , Spain , Croatia and etc. We expect the cooperation in your countries. 

    Life size animatronic dinosaurs costume testing in factory  DWE3324-1
    Suitable for display in dinosaur park , theme exhibition , museume display , supermarket , kids playground ...etc...


     Ice age animal mammoth jurassic park model DWA111

    Adult life-size polar bear  mechanical polar bear Animal Replicas

    Playground Animatronic robotic Animals model zebra DWA119

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