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    Animatronic Dinosaurs in different countries including UK , Spain , Croatia and etc. We expect the cooperation in your countries. 
     Testing Dinosaurs Quality In Factory

    We test the dinos quality before they were shipped to chinese port.
    The testing will be carried out by our engineers and it will be include the eyes blink check , tails check , stomach beathing check, head check , mouth check and so on. 
    Animatronic Animals

    Final items finished installation in clients places including : Amusement park , kids playground , theme and jurassic park , Museum or any entertainment exhibition.


     Ice age animal mammoth jurassic park model DWA111

    Adult life-size polar bear  mechanical polar bear Animal Replicas

    Playground Animatronic robotic Animals model zebra DWA119

    If you want to check more videos of our animatronic dinosaurs , artificial animals and other life size models , please log on our video link on Youtube here :
  • 2012-11-08
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